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We are moving to GitHub

Mostly the open-source community is at GitHub and also Microsoft is now using github. So we are are moving to GitHub too. Please follow the process of v2.0 development at

What is Google Universal Analytics?

The Google Analytics Platform lets you measure user interactions with your business across various devices and environments.

What is this open source?

This project is SDK library for .NET Framework is developer to render analytics.js javascript client-side to interact with Google API from .NET language web application within the server-side code environment. Both ASP.NET WebForm and ASP.NET MVC is supported.

How do i use it?

This project provide the full source code and complied dll library for you to add reference into your visual studio projects. The library include Intellisense to help guide you write server-side code in an effective manner.


How do i contribute?

Google Analytics is a powerful and continuous improving platform and in order to keep this library aligned with Google Analytics features.


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